N-144-1 N-144-2  N-144-3 N-144-4
 N-144-1 - 1 Snow
Globe Santa Smiling
2 Angels Singing
  N-144-3 - 3 Christmas
Cookies Sparkling
4 Ribbons Twirling
 N-144-5 N-144-6  N-144-7 N-144-8
  N-144-5 - 5 Xmas
Trees Shimmering
  N-144-6 - 6 Patchwork
Stars Twinkling
7 Snowmen Grinning
8 Candles Glowing
N-144-9  N-144-10 N-144-11  N-144-12 
9 Stockings Swirling
  N-144-10 - 10 Toys
Packed Playfully
11 Ornaments Shining
 N-144-12 - 12 Presents
Wrapped Brightly

Merry Christmas To All

All are Size 18 Mesh 6 X 6. Stitch Guides available by Gina Marie with a matching fimo button for each piece.

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